Nigerian Rapper Vector Takes a New Musical Path with “Gbedu”

Renowned Nigerian rapper Vector has once again graced the music scene, surprising fans with his latest single, “Gbedu.” Departing from his signature rap style, Vector embraces a fresh approach, delivering a vibrant afro-pop track that’s ready to ignite dance floors. What sets this track apart is Vector’s vocal prowess as he takes on singing duties, showcasing his remarkable versatility.

Released under his label, GRAP Entertainment, “Gbedu” marks Vector’s first solo release in 2023. It underscores his commitment to delivering innovative sounds that captivate his loyal fanbase.

The title “Gbedu” reflects the infectious rhythms and melodies that define the song. Translating to ‘music’ or ‘beat’ in Yoruba, it perfectly captures the track’s essence. Vector’s seamless transition from rap to afro-pop demonstrates his versatility. He effortlessly weaves his lyrical prowess into the song, creating an irresistible sonic experience.

Vector, known for pushing the boundaries of Nigerian music, continues to evolve and redefine his artistry with each release. “Gbedu” showcases his willingness to explore new horizons and experiment with diverse sounds, driven by a deep passion for music and a desire to connect profoundly with his audience.

Listen to ‘Gbedu’ by Vector below.

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