Nonso Amadi – When It Blooms (Full Album)

Nonso Amadi emerged as a leading figure among producer-singers set to revolutionize Afropop after his inception into the limelight seven years ago. The Nigerian singer has maintained an air of mystery through curated releases and extended social media breaks, preserving the allure that surrounds his music. With his debut album, “When It Blooms,” Amadi seizes the opportunity to finally share his story, eagerly embracing this chance.

Amadi describes “When It Blooms” as a reintroduction to Nonso Amadi, recognizing that while many people in Nigeria know him from songs like “Tonight,” “Radio,” and “No Crime,” those tracks only offer a glimpse of his musicality, not his true essence as a person. The album serves as a starter pack for Nonso’s fans worldwide, setting the stage for what is to follow.

Inspired by certified classics like Wizkid’s “Superstar” and Drake’s “Take Care,” Amadi aspires to create a similar impact with his album. He beautifully brings his childhood to life in “When It Blooms,” delving into the tensions of an artist searching for his place in the world and the profound journey of self-acceptance.

Listen to ‘When It Blooms’ by Nonso Amadi below.

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