Oxlade – Ovami ft. Flavour

Nigerian singer and songwriter Oxlade has made a grand entrance into the music scene this year with his highly anticipated first single, ‘Ovami’ featuring veteran Nigerian singer-songwriter Flavour.

“Ovami” is a wonderful collaboration that seamlessly blends the individual styles of two of Nigeria’s finest singers. Flavour’s rich and engaging delivery is enhanced by Oxlade’s soulful and passionate vocals, resulting in a musical synergy that is both intriguing and enchanting.

The chemistry between Oxlade and Flavour is evident throughout the track, as their voices intertwine effortlessly, creating a harmonious blend that leaves a lasting impression. Both artists bring their A-game to “Ovami,” delivering a performance that is filled with emotion, passion, and undeniable talent.

As Oxlade’s headline account for the year, “Ovami” sets the bar high for what is to come from the talented artist.

Listen below.

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