“Pain In Glory”: O’Kenneth And Xlimkid’s 6-Track EP Chronicles the Journey To Success

Ghanaian rap sensation O’Kenneth, renowned for his significant role in the Kumerica and Asakaa movement, has teamed up with fast-rising rapper Xlimkid for a dynamic collaborative project titled “Pain In Glory.” The EP, consisting of six tracks, serves as a compelling exploration of the challenges and triumphs encountered on the journey to success.

Fans of the Ghanaian drill scene have been drawn to O’Kenneth’s style and skillful verses, which are visible throughout his record. He and Xlimkid bring their A game to “Pain In Glory,” a collection of songs that not only displays their poetic prowess but also gives listeners a peek into the realities of their situations.

The title of the EP, “Pain In Glory,” sums up the main idea, implying that achieving achievement is frequently paved with difficulties and setbacks. The carefully considered arrangement of the six tracks tells a seamless tale that reflects the challenges encountered and the final successes attained.

Listen below.

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