Photos: Celebrities Parlour, the perfect Place for Stylish and Quality Haircut this Festive Season.

, Photos: Celebrities Parlour, the perfect Place for Stylish and Quality Haircut this Festive Season.

Celebrities Parlour, a trendy barbering salon that has earned a reputation for style and quality is located just opposite Benjy’s Lodge off Kasoa road after McCarthy Hill Juntion. Celebrities Parlour caters to a wide variety of clientele and is quickly gaining grounds as the barbering salon that serves some of the biggest celebrities in the country.

Celebrities Parlour has been in business for almost a year.

Some of the notable personalities who have patronized the services of Celebrities Parlour include Kurl Songz, Kofi Kinaata, Article Wan, Kuma-wood movie actor Salinko and many more who due to hard work, talented staff and good custom are constantly leading to positive referrals.

“We have a team of five highly competent hairstylists who are the pillars of this establishment.

There is Tony who is known as the (World Barber), he has the talent for crafting designs and styles in the hair of clients that will blow your mind and next come Ricky Da Barber with the skills and styles.

Michael aka Scanty the Barber is also a very good barber whose clients always leave with smiles on their faces. Another is Teckno de Barber who is also very good and follows Zipper the barber and the last but not the least being Rockies de Barber who is among the best barbers you can find anywhere in the country,” their PR said.

“Based on the pictures on our social media handles, people naturally assume that our services are expensive but the truth is they are pleasantly surprised when they call our numbers or send messages and they learn of our rates,” he added.

Clients have the option of booking for appointments either by social media or by phone. Book an haircut this festive season.

Contact 030-2914487 or 030-2914168.

See Chilling Photos of Stylish Haircuts below:

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