Photos : List Of Best Nightclubs In Accra.

Nightlife out here in Accra lively during weekends and around holidays. A timeout in Accra is never boring and that is because the city has it all; from jazz bars and dancing clubs, to historic pubs and sports bars.

In this post , we’d be focusing more on best nightclubs in Accra. Do you like to have fun, dance, party, listen to music, meet people and have a couple of shots? No problem!! This post will you expose you to the best night clubs in Accra considering the following; Security , Music Policies , Customer service , Location and Interior Decoration.

Osu, which is in the heart of Accra, is by far the swingiest part of city for entertainment. Many of Accra’s best nightclubs can be found there. Let’s begin with Ace Tantra.

Ace Tantra Night Club

Ace Tantra is a night club located in Accra, Osu, the heart of city’s night life. Ace Tantra offers a unique social experience for the urban youth.

Since its birth last year (December 14th 2018), Ace Tantra has attracted unprecedented media and patron reaction for its unique customer service, music and entertainment style.

The reception, ambience, exclusivity and the unique level of service given also makes Ace Tantra the perfect venue for corporate entities to mingle with like-minded individuals after a hard day’s wok at the office.

Ace Tantra’s ace themed interior decor, framed canvas prints and lighting creates a unique ambience which makes it more suitable for partying.

Peak Days : Fridays & Sundays.

Plot 7

Plot 7 nightclub is a luxurious in Accra with some high end features. It provides a welcome alternative to other clubs with a range of music from pop, dance, house, afrobeat and many more. They also host a variety of DJ’s and events. Plot 7 Accra nightclub features a variety of music formats during their six weekly nights from Tuesday to Sunday.

Peak Days : Fridays


Twist Night Club Accra is one of Ghana’s longest existing nightclubs, recently advanced with different vibes. People love to visit this club for its amazing service, high-quality decoration, and unique atmosphere. If you really want to have fun, dance, and meet people then you should visit this night club. You will enjoy and feel relaxed.

Peak Days : Fridays , Saturdays & Sundays

Carbon Night Club

Carbon is a luxury lounge-club with extraordinary quirks and unexpected surprises. Perched in the penthouse of Icon House, high above the bustle of Airport City and Liberation Road, guests enter a magical, mysterious world of luxurious hedonism, stylish surrealism and neo-nightclubbing, where surprises await at every turn. The DNA of the club is theatrical entertainment and the Carbon nightlife Concept has been curated by a group of the world’s most talented designers, artists and performers. Since its opening in late December 2016, guests have been encountering the unexpected and experiencing nightlife as never before at the most decadent destination for global style-setters. Visit Carbon for a great treat.

Peak Days : Thursdays , Fridays & Saturdays 


Club Onyx

If you are feeling for some clubbing vibes, then the Club Onyx is the place to be. It is one of the reigning nightlife hangouts in the city. It is a great place to also meet some of Ghana’s celebrated music and movie stars. The club is nestled in the residential area of Cantonments, behind the police headquarters and next to Rockstone’s Office. It also has hallmark of being one of the classy clubs with amazing interior decor setup with 4 VIP lounges; Moet & Chandon VIP Lounge, The Ciroc Lounge, The ‘Jack Lives Here’ Lounge and The ONYX Ultra VIP Lounge. It is a place to get your groove on this weekend.

Peak Days : Fridays & Sundays

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