Playlist : 10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week (Week 137)

10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week’ is a 10-track-listing playlist highlighting the best songs released over the past few days from Africa and the Caribbean (Jamaica).

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Twitch 4EVA feat. Kofi Mole – Milli

Twitch 4EVA and Kofi Mole teams up on this collaboration titled ‘Milli’. The duo delivers one of the best songs of the year 2023. The highly talented afro-fusion singer, Twitch keeps his consistency as he serves us with another jam.

TiTi Owusu – Make Me Believe (Nana)

Rising Ghanaian sensation TiTi Owusu unveiled her latest musical masterpiece, “Make Me Believe (Nana),” on June 28. With its calming and soothing melodies, the acoustic and Adowa fusion showcase TiTi’s remarkable vocal talent and incorporates the rich sounds of traditional African percussions.

“Make Me Believe (Nana)” showcases Owusu’s deep connection to her Ghanaian heritage.  The track’s infectious groove draws inspiration from the traditional ‘Adowa’ music of the Ashanti people in Ghana, West Africa. It seamlessly blends the rhythmic elements of ‘Adowa’ with the soothing melodies influenced by Ghanaian High-Life Music and Contemporary Pop Music.

Produced by a collaborative team including Jayso, Kaasare, Klasikbeatz, and Owura and written by TiTi Owusu and Jayso, the song is a testament to the artist’s commitment to delivering heartfelt and relatable music.

Kweku Flick – Rastaman

Ghanaian rapper Kweku Flick returns with a bang with the release of his latest track, ‘Rastaman.’ The music, produced by the brilliant Ghanaian Stallion, addresses the prejudices that are typically connected with being a Rastaman. Kweku Flick delivers his unique flow and thought-provoking rhymes over addictive and energetic sounds, challenging preconceptions and praising originality.

‘Rastaman’ is another strong addition to Kweku Flick’s increasing record, demonstrating his lyrical brilliance as well as his ability to address significant societal concerns through his music. Fans of the skilled rapper will undoubtedly embrace this new album and appreciate his distinct point of view.

Skales – As I Wake Up

Famous Nigerian rapper and musician Skales makes a comeback with “As I Wake Up,” his first official single of the year. With uplifting rhythms and enthralling songs created by Blackculture and Jaypizzle, Skales displays his musical prowess following numerous collaborations and a recent relationship with OneRPM.

The song, which includes a sample from Ace Vibez, serves as the prelude to his next EP, “Proof of Life,” which is slated for August release. Skales has established himself as one of Nigeria’s top musical performers thanks to his outstanding talent and appealing lyrics. As a joyful song, “As I Wake Up” brings joy to both fans and music lovers.

Niashun & Dodo – Journey

Waveyard Entertainment star, Niashun continues his run of being a master at blending Afrobeats with soulful vocals that deliver uplifting messages. His latest single, ‘Journey’ is no exception to this rule.

He collaborates with Swiss producer, Dodo to create a vibrant anthem meant to inspire dream chasers, using his life story as a template. The result is a riveting sonic journey that takes the listener from the depths of struggle to the heights of triumph and joy!

‘Journey’ is replete with an optimism that is vibrant and catchy. Niashun’s rich baritone vocals open the song with a powerful statement that serves as the refrain: “All my life I wanted to go on this journey oh/My heart be yearning (be yearning), desire burning,” inviting listeners to join him on this personal experience. “While writing ‘Journey,’ I reflected on my life,” the singer shared. “I remembered the challenges I faced: economic crises, family problems, falling out with friends, and even issues with my faith. Things were very discouraging, but I never gave up. I kept fighting, and music changed my life. I want my fans and listeners to do the same. Pursue your dreams no matter what the people or circumstances around you say.”

Niashun eloquently sings of his arduous ‘Journey’ to fame, highlighting how he held on to music despite facing discouragement. His guest, legendary Swiss producer, Dodo doesn’t break from the song’s narrative either. He adds a layer of excitement to the song with a kinetic and confident delivery that packs the power of a thousand suns!

In April, Dodo handed Niashun his first European performance at the AfriLAAX concert (dubbed Dodo & Friends) in Laax, Switzerland and ‘Journey’ is a by-product of that powerful encounter. It is also the first time we see Niashun collaborating with another artist.

‘Journey’ deserves to be heard by anyone who needs a reminder that their dreams are still within arm’s reach, or as Niashun put it: “This life is a dream that only you can see.”

Smallgod ft. Monique Lawz, WES7AR & Joey B – Treasure Island

Smallgod, the visionary Ghanaian artist and music producer, has brought together an extraordinary lineup of talent for his latest release, a sensational Amapiano track that transcends boundaries and celebrates the essence of African music. Titled Treasure Island, this electrifying collaboration features Monique Lawz from the UK, WES7AR 22 from Nigeria, and the legendary Joey B from Ghana.

Paying homage to the magnificent Treasure Island resort in ADA, Ghana, the track immerses listeners in a soulful energy that is set to ignite dance floors around the world. Smallgod, known for his innovative sound and ability to unite artists from diverse backgrounds, has curated a musical masterpiece that seamlessly blends infectious Amapiano rhythms with soulful melodies. With Monique Lawz’s captivating vocals from the UK, WES7AR 22’s unmistakable Afrobeat influence from Nigeria, and the lyrical prowess of Ghana’s own Joey B, Treasure Island is a vibrant celebration of African talent and unity.

This collaboration not only showcases the immense musical talent of Smallgod, Monique Lawz, WES7AR 22, and Joey B but also pays homage to the stunning Treasure Island resort in ADA, Ghana. The track captures the spirit and energy of this luxurious destination, as the artists draw inspiration from its breathtaking beauty and the vibrant scenes that make Ghana a coveted tourist destination.

The accompanying music video for Treasure Island was exclusively shot at the Treasure Island, providing a visual feast that takes viewers on a journey through the resort’s enchanting landscapes. From pristine beaches to lush tropical settings, the video showcases the undeniable allure of Ghana and serves as a stunning backdrop to the energetic club atmosphere that Amapiano music is known for.

Smallgod, the creative force behind this collaboration, expresses his enthusiasm for fusing music and visuals to showcase the wonders of Treasure Island. He comments, “The combination of Amapiano’s infectious energy and the beauty of Treasure Island provided the perfect synergy for this project. It was a joy to work with Monique Lawz, WES7AR 22, and Joey B, and together we’ve created a soulful club record that transports listeners to the heart of Ghana.”

Treasure Island is set to become a global club sensation, with its irresistible beats and soul-stirring melodies captivating audiences worldwide. Smallgod’s growing fan base, combined with the star power of Monique Lawz, WES7AR 22, and Joey B, ensures that this collaboration will leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Victony – My Darling + Angelus

Talented Nigerian musician Victony has given fans two new singles, “My Darling” and “Angelus,” that are both filled with musical bliss. These songs, which offer distinctive sounds and appealing melodies, allow the exceptional singer to display his flexibility and captivating ability.

While ‘Angelus’ offers an entrancing fusion of Afrobeat and R&B components, ‘My Darling’ has a heartfelt and romantic vibe. Fans are anxious for more of Victony’s distinctive musical offerings as he makes waves in the Nigerian music scene with these new outputs.

Burna Boy ft. 21 Savage – Sittin’ On Top Of The World

Burna Boy and American rapper 21 Savage work together on a new rendition of their popular song “Sittin On Top Of the World.” Together with the renowned rapper, the Nigerian singer-songwriter gives the already well-known song a new spin. The partnership demonstrates Burna Boy’s music’s universal appeal and his capacity to collaborate with musicians from other musical genres. In this intriguing collaboration, fans can anticipate a dynamic fusion of Burna Boy’s Afrobeat style and 21 Savage’s distinctive rap flow.

Fireboy DML – Yawa

Nigerian singer and songwriter Fireboy DML makes a victorious return with his new single “Yawa,” co-produced by famous hitmakers Telz and Magicsticks. The song is a testament to Fireboy’s tenacity and artistic integrity as he puts his emotions into it in an effort to quell his detractors.

Following his experimental single, “Someone,” “Yawa” is Fireboy’s second release of the year and comes with a visually striking music video made by Blank Square Production.

B4Bonah – Gbɛnzɛ

Talented Ghanaian Musician B4Bonah Makes A Come-back With New Solo Effort ‘Gbɛnzɛ’

B4Bonah’s new song Gbɛnzɛ is a high-energy Afro-spiritual track that was released on June 20, 2023. The song has been praised for its catchy melody, upbeat tempo, and positive message. It has been described as a “breath of fresh air” in the Ghanaian music scene.

The song’s title, Gbɛnzɛ, is a Ghanaian word that means “to fly”. The song’s lyrics are about the power of faith and the importance of believing in oneself. The song encourages listeners to “spread their wings and fly” towards their dreams.

Gbɛnzɛ has been well-received by fans and critics alike. It has garnered enormous traction online and is expected to be a hit on the Ghanaian charts.

There you have it, these are the 10 Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week.

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