Playlist : 10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week (Week 139)

10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week’ is a 10-track-listing playlist highlighting the best songs released over the past few days from Africa and the Caribbean (Jamaica).

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Akwaboah – Sex

The compelling Afrobeats song “Sex” by Ghanaian singer-songwriter and producer Akwaboah combines African drums, trumpet, and guitar to create a vivid and rhythmic sound. The song’s lyrics go into the intimate and emotional bond between two people. The silky vocals and captivating melodies of Akwaboah create an appealing and sensuous mood to the music.

“Sex” highlights Akwaboah’s talent and ability to make engaging and entertaining music with its addictive beat and accessible lyrics.

Reggie – Most High

Reggie’s Most High EP is a strong statement from the Ghanaian Asakaa scene, and it comes at a time when there is a lot of debate about the origins of drill music in Africa. Reggie and his collaborators are clearly asserting that Ghana has a legitimate claim to the genre, and they are doing it with some of the most exciting and innovative drill music on the continent.

The EP is full of hard-hitting beats and catchy hooks, and Reggie’s rapping is sharp and confident. He’s not afraid to tackle social issues, and he does so with a refreshing honesty. The guest features are all well-chosen, and they add to the overall energy of the EP.

Most High is a great addition to the Ghanaian Asakaa scene, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of drill music all over Africa. It’s also a timely release, as it comes at a time when the Nigerian drill scene is trying to claim ownership of the genre. Reggie and his collaborators are making it clear that Ghana is not to be ignored, and they are putting their own unique stamp on drill music.

Lil Kesh ft. Young Jonn – Feeling Funny

Nigerian Afrobeat artiste Lil Kesh has released the full length audio of his song ‘Feeling Funny’ featuring Young Jonn on July 6, 2023. The song is a catchy Afrobeat track with a smooth melody and a heavy bassline. Lil Kesh and Young Jonn both deliver impressive vocals, and the song is sure to get you moving.

The song has been met with positive reactions from fans and critics alike. Many people are praising the song’s catchy melody and Lil Kesh and Young Jonn’s impressive vocals.

“Feeling Funny” is a great addition to Lil Kesh’s already impressive discography. The song is sure to be a hit with fans of Afrobeat and anyone who loves a good party song.

Spyro ft. Diamond Platnumz, Teni & Iyanya – For You

“For You” is an enthralling Afrobeats collaboration by Nigerian singer-songwriter Spyro, featuring the exceptional voices of Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz, Nigerian talents Teni and Iyanya, and Tanzanian sensations Teni and Iyanya.

The lyrics of “For You” tell a story of a man deeply in love, willing to go to great lengths for the woman he adores. The heartfelt verses express his commitment and devotion, while the infectious rhythm and catchy melodies create an irresistible and uplifting atmosphere.

The collaboration between Spyro, Diamond Platnumz, Teni, and Iyanya brings together a wealth of talent and distinct musical styles, resulting in a harmonious and dynamic track.

Shallipopi – Ex-Convict

Fast-rising Nigerian talent Shallipopi continues to wow with his most recent song, “Ex Convict.” The song, which draws inspiration from his own experience with the EFCC, highlights his fortitude and artistic expression. “Ex Convict,” another popular and engrossing Shallipopi song, was produced by Spritual Stringz. Shallipopi establishes his status as a rising star in the music business with his talent and commitment.

Diamond Platnumz ft. Chike – My Baby

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz has released a new song titled “My Baby” featuring Nigerian singer Chike. The song is about a man who is in love with a woman and he is expressing his love for her. The lyrics are catchy and the melody is smooth, making the song a perfect choice for a romantic moment.

The song’s title, “My Baby”, is a term of endearment that is often used to refer to a loved one. The song is a message to the singer’s baby, telling them how much they love them and how much they mean to them.

“My Baby” is a great song that is sure to get you moving. The song is a message of love and affection and it is sure to be a hit with fans of Afrobeat.

Bella Shmurda ft. Lil Kesh – DND

Bella Shmurda teams up with Lil Kesh for the release of “DND,” the lead single from his EP titled “DND.” Produced by Rewardbeatz, the song delves into Bella Shmurda’s desire for solitude and the need to be left alone.

He expresses his longing to concentrate on his music and craft without any interruptions. With lyrics reflecting his exhaustion from the constant noise and distractions of the world, “DND” showcases Bella Shmurda’s unique perspective and resonates with those seeking moments of peace and tranquility.

Blaqbonez – Like Ice Spice

“Like Ice Spice” is a song by Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez. Released on July 7, 2023,  it serves as the lead single from his upcoming album, “A 2Pack EP.” The song is produced by Northboi the oracle and Ramoni.

‘Like Ice Spice’ is a Hip-hop track with Afrobeat influences. The lyrics are about Blaqbonez’s confidence and his ability to “turn up” any situation. He compares himself to ice spice, which is a combination of heat and cold, and says that he is both refreshing and dangerous.

The song has been well-received by fans and critics alike. It has been praised for its catchy hook, Blaqbonez’s rapping, and the production. “Like Ice Spice” is a promising single from Blaqbonez’s upcoming album, and it is sure to be a hit with fans of Nigerian hip hop.

Wurld ft. Sarz – Location

In recent years, the collaboration of Wurld and Sarz has resulted in some incredible bops. It’s just a collaboration to keep an eye out for whenever it appears. The duo has collaborated on a new song titled ‘Location,’ and it strikes the mark as always.

The song “Location” is about a lover who is trying to track down their partner. The lyrics are full of longing and desperation, as the singer tries to find their way back to the person they love. The song’s production is lush and atmospheric, creating a sense of urgency and excitement.

The song’s theme is one that is familiar to many people. We all have someone in our lives who we care about deeply, and we would do anything to be with them. The song captures that feeling of longing and desperation perfectly.

The song also explores the theme of love as a journey. The singer is on a quest to find their partner, and they are willing to travel anywhere to be with them. This journey is not easy, but the singer is determined to succeed.

The song “Location” is a powerful and moving track that explores the theme of love in a unique and original way. The song’s catchy hook and soulful vocals will stay with you long after you hear it.

King Promise ft. Young Jonn – Terminator

Talented Ghanaian singer and songwriter King Promise has collaborated with Nigerian producer and singer Young Jonn on a remix of his hit song “Terminator.” The combination lends a distinct edge to the track, combining both talents and producing an enthralling listening experience.

Young Jonn’s vocal skills bring a new aspect to “Terminator,” increasing its overall listenability. The remix keeps the original version’s appealing melodies and poignant lyrics, while infusing it with new energy and innovative aspects.

The collaboration exemplifies the developing synergy between the Ghanaian and Nigerian music industries, as well as King Promise and Young Jonn’s originality and artistry.

There you have it, these are the 10 Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week.

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