Playlist : 10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week (Week 141)

10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week’ is a 10-track-listing playlist highlighting the best songs released over the past few days from Africa and the Caribbean (Jamaica).

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Viqtorioz – With You

Viqtorioz, the talented Afrobeats music producer and artiste hailing from Ghana and Nigeria, is all set to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide with his highly anticipated single, “With You.” This mesmerizing track, which beautifully fuses the infectious rhythms of Afropop with the soulful melodies of RnB, is a testament to Viqtorioz’s artistic versatility and innovative approach to music production.

RJZ – Emotional Murder

Multi-talented Ghanaian musician, RJZ releases a new song named “Emotional Murder,” which was produced by Nxwrth. With its empathetic and soul-stirring spirit, the song draws in listeners by offering a bittersweet experience of a love affair. RJZ continues to demonstrate his musical talent in the wake of his previous single, “Abofra,” leaving fans clamoring for more.

Kizz Daniel & Becky G – Cough

With a mesmerizing remix of his famous song, Cough (Odo), starring Latin Music phenomenon, Becky G, Nigerian singer-songwriter Kizz Daniel astounds listeners. Blaise Beatz and Philkeyz skillfully offer an exceptional musical experience through the blend of Afrobeats and Latin rhythms. This cooperation fits into a larger trend that unites musicians from many genres, bridging cultural divides and bringing fans together through the common language of music.

Chike – Ego Oyibo

Nigerian singer and songwriter Chike showcases a refreshing departure from The Brother’s Keeper era with his uplifting love ballad, ‘Ego Oyibo.’ Released as his first track of 2023, the song beautifully serenades listeners with a delightful blend of highlife and heartfelt lyrics.

Chike’s honeyed vocals and seamless mix of Igbo, English, and Pidgin create an enchanting experience as he expresses the journey of love, from meeting parents to starting a family. Produced by DeeYasso, ‘Ego Oyibo’ reaffirms Chike’s mastery as an artist, leaving us joyous and in love with his audacious musical stylings once more.

Yhaw Hero – Bra Fie

Budding Ghanaian artist Yhaw Hero details his journey on a new single titled Bra Fie.

Bra Fie is an akan phrase that means Come Home. The song tells a story of the dreams and aspirations of Yhaw Hero, who only wants to return home after gaining success. To pursue his music career, the ‘19 Years’ singer has had to relocate from home, as he aims to have a successful music career and is working very hard to make his dream a reality.

Yhaw Hero talks about his Mom, who wants to see her son but can’t because he is on a journey. He cannot go home without attaining his goals first, and he asks his family to listen to the song anytime they miss him while assuring them he will be back home soon. Blessed with a pen game that tells the story of the youth, Bra Fie is a single that resonates with young people currently charting their paths, especially on the streets.

Despite not having a solid footing in life, Yhaw Hero recently announced his desire to foot the school fees bill of a student to ease the stress and burden they may face. Blackberry Beats has production credits on the song alongside Mix Masta Garzy, who mixed and mastered the record.

Kev The Topic ft. Khaligraph Jones – All Gas, No Breaks

KevTheTopic, the dynamic and rising star in the hip hop scene, is ready to ignite the airwaves with their latest adrenaline-pumping track, “All Gas, No Breaks.” This highly anticipated single captures the spirit of relentless ambition, racing towards the finish line of success, and the pursuit of financial prosperity.

Inspired by the thrill of speed and the drive to conquer obstacles, “All Gas, No Breaks” sets the stage for a captivating musical experience. The song showcases a unique fusion of hard-hitting hip hop beats, engaging lyrics, melodies and the exhilarating sounds of revving engines that signify the start of a race.

As an artist known for their distinct style and captivating storytelling, KevTheTopic delivers powerful verses that paint a vivid picture of the journey towards achievement. With clever wordplay and an unwavering flow, they masterfully depict the hustle, determination, and unwavering focus required to reach the pinnacle of success.

“I wanted to create a song that embodies the relentless pursuit of our dreams and at the same time is the perfect blend of melodic rap and bars on a wavy hip-hop instrumental,” says Kev The Topic. Amazed and dazzled by the beat, Khaligraph Jones, popularly known for his Wave song feat Sarkodie, dropped a mind-blowing 32 bars feature on All Gas No Breaks.

Burna Boy & Byron Messia – Talibans II

The much-awaited collaboration between Burna Boy and Byron Messia has finally been released, and it’s nothing short of a musical masterpiece. The two talented artists have joined forces to create their own rendition of the viral hit ‘Talibans,’ and the result is an irresistible earworm that will have you hitting the repeat button.

As one of the biggest names in Afrobeat music, Burna Boy brings his signature style and flair to the track, infusing it with his unique blend of African rhythms and infectious melodies. On the other hand, Byron Messia, a rising star from St. Kitts, showcases his incredible vocal prowess, adding a new layer of refreshment to the song.

‘Talibans’ is a co-production effort by Ztekk Records, Ej Fya & Spaceship Billy, and their combined talents shine through in the impeccable production of the track. The beat is catchy and groovy, providing the perfect backdrop for Burna Boy and Byron Messia to work their magic.

Young Jonn – Sharpally

Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer Young Jonn continues to dazzle with his most recent party anthem, Sharpally. Young Jonn’s enticing lyrics and contagious energy promise to enchant fans and have dance floors grooving as they transform a love song into an irresistible party song.

Crayon – Trench To Triumph (ALBUM)

Talented Nigerian musician Crayon drops his eagerly anticipated debut album, “Trench to Triumph,” via Mavin Records. The CD chronicles Crayon’s upward trajectory from obscurity to fame and blessings. It is a musical journey that documents his growth as a musician and a person, with 13 expertly chosen songs providing a singular and engrossing experience. Star-studded collaborations on the record give the music more depth and variety. As he deftly switches between numerous genres and styles, Crayon’s artistry stands out, displaying his adaptability as a singer-songwriter. With heartfelt songs and contagious anthems, “Trench to Triumph” is a potent exhibition of musical imagination and expression.

Cliq – Highway

Cliq makes an exciting comeback in 2023 with his latest release titled ‘HIGHWAY,’ marking his second musical offering of the year. The track has already gained significant recognition after receiving an endorsement from Ghana’s music icon, King Sark, known as the landlord of Ghanaian music. This amapiano-infused Afrobeats masterpiece showcases Cliq’s versatility as an artist and producer, as he takes the reins in producing the track himself.

‘HIGHWAY’ serves as a dynamic prelude to a series of upcoming releases from CliqMusic. Fans can anticipate an EP release later this year, promising an even more diverse and captivating musical experience. With his talent and creativity on full display, CliqMusic is ready to make waves in the music scene, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what he has in store next.

There you have it, these are the 10 Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week.

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