Playlist : 10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week (Week 146)

10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week’ is a 10-track-listing playlist highlighting the best songs released over the past few days from Africa and the Caribbean (Jamaica).

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Keche ft. Mr Drew – Party Of The Year

Ghanaian music duo Keche is gearing up to make a triumphant return to the music scene, and they are doing it in grand style. With December just around the corner and the festive season approaching, the group is all set to drop a chart-topping banger that promises to be the life of the party. Titled ‘Party Of The Year,’ this track is poised to set the airwaves on fire, and Keche has enlisted the talents of Ghanaian Afrobeat sensation Mr. Drew to ensure it’s an unforgettable musical experience.

‘Party Of The Year’ is more than simply a song; it’s an entire celebration. Listeners may expect a beat that is as contagious as it is groovy, according to Willisbeatz’s producing credits.

Victony ft. Babyboy AV – Jaga Jaga

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Victony has once more impressed the music industry with his most recent track, a captivating tune titled Jaga Jaga.

Victony has teamed up with the incredibly talented  Babyboy AV for the new single. This artist’s contribution to the song is nothing short of remarkable, as is seen by his ability to create an irresistibly catchy melody that sticks in listeners’ heads. Victony and AV’s partnership represents a harmonious fusion of their individual musical aesthetics, creating a synergy that takes Jaga Jaga to a whole new level.

None other than KTIZO, a producer whose name is synonymous with musical quality, is behind the scenes coordinating the precise creation of the single.

Bayanni – Low Waist

Singer-songwriter Bayanni, under the imprint of Mavin Records, just gave his fans a brand-new song called Low Waist.

Following his incredible collaboration with American artist Jason Derulo on the widely acclaimed hit Ta Ta Ta, which unquestionably stands as one of the biggest records of his career, Bayanni’s new work stands out as a refreshing offering.

Low Waist is more than just a song; it is a painstakingly created work of art that was brought to life by none other than Babybeats. The song draws listeners into a realm where Bayanni’s musical skill and lyrical skill shine brilliantly, providing a distinctive viewpoint on the issue of love and desire.

Ko-Jo Cue & Joey B – Free Throw

On September 28, Ghanaian rap artist Ko-Jo Cue released his new single, “Free Throw,” the first track from his highly anticipated album, “I’M Back”. The single, which features fellow Ghanaian artist Joey B, is a celebration of winning in the face of fierce opposition.

“Free Throw” is a testament to Ko-Jo Cue’s technical ability and passion for hip-hop. The track likens his wins to free throws, acknowledging how easy success comes to him while rubbing it in the faces of naysayers. Produced by Fortune Dane, the song’s trap bounce is sure to get listeners moving.

“Free Throw is about celebrating wins, no matter how they come,” says Ko-Jo Cue. “It’s about acknowledging the opposition and still pushing forward. It’s about the joy of the game.”

The release of “Free Throw” marks the beginning of a new chapter for Ko-Jo Cue, who is returning to music after a two-year hiatus. His upcoming EP, “I’M Back”, is scheduled for release soon and signals his return to rap.

Wendy Shay – Love Me Now

After her brush with death over some weeks ago, Ghanaian music star Wendy Shay is back in the spotlight with an insightful release. Shaken by what could have been her final moments with us, the singer voices some powerful words we can all benefit from reflecting on in her latest Amapiano-infused single, ‘Love Me Now,’ produced by MOG Beatz.

In a shocking turn of events, ‘Love Me Now’ was but a new addition to Wendy Shay’s list of unreleased songs on September 7. Today, in the wake of the traumatic ordeal she suffered three days later, it serves as an abrupt reminder. That is why the ‘Survivor’ hitmaker took to social media to share a heartfelt message with her fans upon announcing the single that made many feel uneasy, knowing it could have been a posthumous release.

“I recorded this song on 7.09.2023 [and] had an accident on 10.09.2023. The lyrics in this song is making sense to me now…,” Wendy Shay shared with her 2.9M followers on Instagram. “Some people will only love you when you are dead… I am alive by the grace of God. Thanks to GOD, my family, team, and my Fans for their support and prayers. Ghana please say a big Thank you to these celebs who showed me love when I needed it most.”

At midnight, a few minutes into Sunday (September 10, 2023), a tipper truck crashed into Wendy Shay’s Jeep Wrangler from behind on the Kwabenya ACP highway. The singer reportedly banged her head on the dashboard and suffered a mild concussion according to her management. The incident sent ripples across the industry, with many music stars expressing their well-wishes and prayers for Wendy Shay, as did fans. And rightly so, as the tragic loss of Wendy Shay’s RuffTown Records predecessor, Ebony, is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians five years later.

‘Love Me Now’ couldn’t have come at a better time. It highlights the importance of friendship and solidarity in times of crisis while urging us to appreciate and support our loved ones while they are alive and kicking, not when they are dead. The song premiered with a simple yet effective visualizer directed by Eni Baid. Its monochrome shots revolve around Wendy Shay seated in a lush park, recounting her recent near-fatal accident through the song’s invaluable

Niashun – Spark Op

Waveyard Entertainment star Niashun has consistently proven himself to be a master at blending the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats with  soulful vocals that deliver uplifting messages. His latest single, ‘Spark Op,’ is no exception to this rule, as Niashun encourages everyone to do  their thing and forget the naysayers.

Niashun’s musical journey has always been about pushing boundaries  and exploring the intersections of different musical genres. ‘Spark Op’  is a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend Afrobeats with soulful,  melodic vocals. The song opens with an infectious Afrobeat rhythm  that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The vibrant percussion and pulsating bassline create a groove that is impossible to resist,  making ‘Spark Op’ an instant hit on the dancefloor.

While the music in ‘Spark Op’ is undeniably catchy, it’s the lyrics that  truly set this track apart. Niashun has always been known for delivering  messages of positivity and self-empowerment through his music, and  ‘Spark Op’ is no different.

The chorus, with its uplifting refrain, “Now I don spark op my ting if  uno like my ting, chaley make udey go,” serves as a powerful mantra  for anyone facing obstacles or negativity in their lives. Niashun’s  soulful vocals bring a depth of emotion to these lyrics, making them  resonate even more strongly with the audience. It’s a message of  resilience and determination that is much needed in today’s world.

Kwame Yesu – Libation

Kwame Yesu, the Ghanaian music sensation, is once again making waves in the industry with his latest release, “Libation.” Teaming up with acclaimed producer Ghanaian Stallion, Kwame Yesu showcases his remarkable musical prowess and genre-blurring creativity.

Over the years, Kwame Yesu has consistently shone in the music industry, building a strong following eagerly anticipating each of his new releases. One of his groundbreaking moments came with the track “Anadwo,” featuring Black Sherif and his label mate Kimillist. This collaboration played its part and will always be included in the stroy of the transition of Ghanaian Drill music into mainstream Ghanaian music, becoming one of Black Sherif’s first ever Drill songs. Now, Kwame Yesu continues to mesmerize audiences with his distinctive style and boundary-pushing music, solidifying his position as one of Ghana’s most thrilling and innovative rising music artists.

“Libation” stands as a lyrical masterpiece, highlighting the artist’s signature confidence and lyrical finesse. His stage name, “Yesu,” meaning “god” in the Ghanaian Twi language, reflects his self-assured persona, which permeates the song’s title and content. The chorus reverberates with a ragga-style celebration of his journey so far, making it the quintessential feel-good anthem for fans of Kwame Yesu’s musical artistry and boundless energy.

With infectious beats and charismatic lyrics, “Libation” is poised to become an instant hit. “Libation” serves as a testament to Kwame Yesu’s versatility as an artist and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical genres. The fusion of dance Hip-Hop and Reggae Dancehall vibes underscores his creative prowess and willingness to experiment with diverse sounds.

As Kwame Yesu continues to rise in the music industry, his talent and passion shine through in every song he creates. “Libation” is just the latest example of his remarkable musical prowess, showcasing his ability to create infectious beats and captivating lyrics that leave a lasting impact on listeners.

As he continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive style and genre-blurring music, Kwame Yesu solidifies his position as one of Ghana’s most thrilling and innovative rising music artists. Fans can eagerly anticipate what he has in store for them next as he continues to push the boundaries of musical genres and create exceptional music that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Akwaboah – Yayaaya

Renowned Ghanaian musician and songwriter, Akwaboah has won many fans with his latest song, “Yayaaya,” a moving ode to his late father, Kwadwo Akwaboah. The English translation of the Akan language’s “Painful” title provides a hint as to the song’s emotional depth.

“Yayaaya” transports listeners back to the heyday of highlife music through musical voyage. The track gains a timeless feel from the highlife percussions, which are reminiscent of classic dirges. These components bring back memories of the musical past that helped to define Ghana’s cultural identity.

The pain of bereavement and Akwaboah’s enduring love for his father are expressed via his passionate vocals and sincere words. The song serves as an effective reminder of the emotional impact that music can have, particularly during times of loss and memory.

DJ Shawn ft. KiDi & Blaqbonez – Abena

The amazing Ghanaian singer and composer KiDi and the famed Nigerian rap artist Blaqbonez are featured on DJ Shawn’s most recent song, “Abena,” which has ignited the music industry. DJ Shawn’s “Awesome” EP contains this dynamic collaboration, which has gained popularity since its debut.

There you have it, these are the 10 Best Songs You Need To Hear This Week.

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