Playlist : La Meme Gang vs. NSG

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LA MÊME GANG is an urban collective of individual Artists who have come together for the greater good of music and culture. The collective based in Accra Ghana, made up of Ahmed Froko (Nxwrth), Elvis E. Amenyah (Spacely), Paul N. A. A. Darko (Darkovibes), Dennis Dorcoo (Kiddblack), Micheal K. Boateng (kwakuBS) & Joshua E. Mensah (RJZ) . Their first tape featured music acts like Kwesi Arthur, Kuvie, Altra Nova, Abu, and Hama. Collaborating with each other, this was the very first time doing it not as individuals but as a single force. Our Genre name depicts a revolutionary nature as we strive in uniqueness hence the name – “FEELS”.


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NSG It’s a simple yet vast acronym, seeping with potential. “It’s a lifestyle, a movement,” the group say. At first, it stood for No Sleep Gang, then Non-Stop Grinding. At the moment it means Never Stop Growing but that could change too. As NSG member Kruddz explains, that’s why they refer to the name’s meaning as a lifestyle – it echoes what’s happening to NSG in the present moment. 
 Past and present names aside, the group reflects the most exciting components of the current UK music scene: a lively diasporic afro bashment sound and a larger-than-life personality, all rolled into one six-member group. Comprised of 6 members: Kruddz, Mxjib, Mojo, OGD, Dope, and Papii Abz, they’ve been bubbling under the crest of producer JAE5 slowly crafting their sound together.

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