Popcaan – Great He Is (Full Album)

Popcaan stands out in a field dominated by singles by creating albums that truly feel like albums. Not that his sound is distinctive: With a few exceptions, Great He Is, if anything, He keeps the song’s breezy, subtly upbeat attitude so steadily that you begin to believe that steadiness—the capacity to remain composed and see the bigger picture regardless of the difficulty—is a key component of his core spiritual message.

He drinks, right? “Set It” and “Skeleton Cartier” both agree. However, he usually seems so content that you wonder if going out drinking is merely his way of showing appreciation for having a chance to live on Earth (“Appreciation,” “11th Commandment”). It’s one thing to have Burna Boy seem this unabashedly happy (“Aboboyaa”), but Drake (“We Caa Done”)? That is true.

Listen to ‘Great He Is’ by Popcaan below.

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