Professional Studios In Ghana Where You Can Record Your Songs

It is ideal to record a song in a professional music studio. As you know that sound is a vibration that generates from the sources we create. While music is all about adding an artistic expression of such vibration it needs to have the perfect frequency, yaw and pitch to create the pleasantness of a sound. Sound as we hear on the outside is an amalgamation from different sources.

Music, on the other hand, should not be allowed to have such free-flowing vibrations. It needs to be surrounded within a confined space so that it can be captured in its best form, live from the sources and quickly.

A professional studio bears walls and a firmly closed area that does not allow the outside noise to get inside and nor the inside music to go outside. During a recording session, every source of music is captured. So if your room is not airtight the generated track will bear outdoor noises that will disrupt the flow of music. Professional recording studios take care of all that.

We have listed below professional music studios where you can record your songs in Ghana.

  1. Vivivi Live and Digital Recording Studio

Vivivi (V3) Music Studios was established in May 2014 with the assistance of Dr. Colter Harper. Colter Harper. Colter Harper is a guitarist, photographer, and ethno-musicologist from the North County of New York. In 2011, Colter completed a PhD in Music (Ethnomusicology) at the University of Pittsburgh, where his research focused on the city’s vibrant jazz history. Colter came to Ghana as a Visiting Fulbright Scholar and lectured in music at the University of Ghana between 2013-2015. As a producer, he has worked with artists including Osei Korankye (Akwaaba Music, 2016), Bridget Kearney & Ben Davis (Signature Sounds, 2015) and Dark Suburb (Dark Suburb Music, 2015). His research topics focus on jazz, popular music, and the musical traditions of Africa.

Website :

2. Mixdown Studio

A Ghanaian-owned music production & artiste management label. MixDown Studios is a multimedia solutions agency that specialises in providing a wide range of excellent creative services. They run a full-service audio-visual studio which ensures the highest quality of work.

Contact details : +2336918797

3. V.O. Nation Studio

V.O. Nation is managed by award-winning Ghanaian rapper and producer – E.L. Services rendered by this studio are ; Recording , Mixing & Mastering

4. BBNZ Live Studio

Independent Ghanaian music advertising and management company, registered in Accra, Ghana and headed by Alvin Bekoe and Kwame Blay, the company handles a variety of media related tasks, such as artist management, media marketing and brand placement throughout Ghana with a long list of Entertainers and Corporate entities as their client base.


BBnZ Live
Keta Close
Ring Road Central
Accra, Ghana

5. One Groove Recording Music Studio

This is a newly built professional studio owned by Ghanaian producer – Samsney. He has worked with artistes like M.anifest , Stonebwoy , Kelvynboy , Darkovibes , O.V.  , Eno Barony and others. He specializes in recording , mixing and mastering. The studio is located in the heart of Santa Maria.

To book Samsney , reach him on all social media platforms @samsney_.  Responses are way faster on there.

6. The Lab Studio

The Lab Studio is owned by Ghanaian record producer and songwriter – Vacs. This studio serves as a workspace for lots of upcoming musicians due to its friendly environment. Situated in Gbawe ,  The Lab Studio caters for a lot of mixing and mastering works for a majority of Ghanaian A-List artists.

It specializes in the recording , mastering and mixing of songs.

Contact details : 0240678096

7. OovaDrive Studio

OovaDrive Studio is owned by Ghanaian record producer and musician – Magnom. Magnom has a lot of production credits to his name. This studio is well known for grooming young artists and producers. Just like ‘The Lab Studio’ , Magnom’s also specializes in recording , mixing and mastering of songs.

Oova Drive is located at Asylum Down.  For bookings , contact Magnom (@magnombeats) across all social media platforms.

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