Review : Lord Paper Creates A Nostalgic Feel Through Asabone’s Highlife theme, Fused With A Hint Of Pop.

, Review : Lord Paper Creates A Nostalgic Feel Through Asabone’s Highlife theme, Fused With A Hint Of Pop.

Lord Paper, right from the onset of his career, has clearly made it his mission to leave a mark in the Ghanaian music industry and so far, he is not failing. Following his entry into the music scene fully in the year 2016, the multi-talented artiste has not ceased to amaze music lovers. After facing a glitch in his career following the release of the video to his first song, “Awurama”, he defied all odds and gave us great songs such as Maame Serwaa, Call on Me, Dzigbordi, to name a few- which are now enjoyed all over.

In his new song titled Asabone, on which he features social media sensation, Bosom P. Yung, Lord Paper’s growth over the years is made apparent on this presentation.

He is known for dabbing in all genres of music , provided there’s great instrumentals as well as the inspiration and it therefore comes as no surprise that he shows great admiration for highlife legend, Daddy Lumba by sampling his song, “Ankwanoma”. On this burger highlife tune, Lord Paper channels his inner Michael Jackson, and Daddy Lumba hence creating a nostalgic feel through its highlife theme, fused with a hint of pop.

You need not have been brought up in the late 80s to understand the impact burger highlife had, because with this song, Lord Paper takes us on a journey to that era in Ghanaian music; an era where worries were discussed with friends over bottles of beer and harmonious music in the background. The cover photo for the track further portrays the throwback scene.

The song is about love. Love not as we know it in this era, but love in times past; self love. The singer declares his care-free nature and who better to feature on a song promoting freedom of expression if not Bosom P. Yung. Both artistes have a peculiar style and it’s no wonder that they nailed this song while touching various genres of music. Nearing the end of the song, pop transitions to trap- trap which brought Bosom P. Yung into the limelight; an exceptional fusion.

Overall this is a fun-time song. A song that unleashes your inner child, hopping around with no cares in the world. A groovy tune which can be played at home while doing chores; in your car at night with no traffic or honking-just you in your car with the AC on and Asabone on repeat; or even in the clubs or pubs.

Experience freedom, with Asabone. The song rates a solid 8 out of 10. There is no doubt Lord Paper is in the industry to stay. If this song, which is his latest since November 2019 is anything to go by, then Ghanaians should stay bumping to Asabone and envisage all the astounding things he has to offer this decade.

Watch “Asa Bone” below.

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