Runtown – Signs (Full Album)

Runtown’s strength as an artist has always been rooted in his solid understanding of prevalent mainstream pop sensibilities. It does not change as he returns to the music scene with Signs following 2021’s Soundgod Fest Reloaded. The 13-track project assumes a gentle, pensive and introspective mood. He trades the high-energy moments that outlined earlier projects like his debut Ghetto University for midtempo production and lax delivery, which sit faultlessly within Afropop’s current soundscape. “For many people, it might feel like their first time hearing me on songs like these,” Runtown tells Apple Music. “It might even seem like they’re listening to a new artist. But it’s mostly me going back to the basics with a fresh spin.”

Signs spares no feelings as it floats between themes of love, faith and growth while delving into genres like sultry ’80s pop, Afropop and reggae and showcasing a wiser, more grown-up version of Runtown. Intentionality, depth and refinement are the leading markers of this. On “Sinnerman”, he recognises the imperfections in his actions and calls for understanding stating that “at the end of the day, I am only a man”. The project’s lead single, “Things I Know”, is characterised by its smooth synths reminiscent of his 2016 megahit, “Mad Over You”. “Dangerous Hearts” samples Sade’s “The Sweetest Taboo” while the singer calls on his love interest with melodies spruced up by Mr Hudson.

Listen and download ‘Signs’ by Runtown below.

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