Sarkodie And M.I. To Battle Each Other For $200,000

Sarkodie and Nigerian rapper M.I would be having a rap battle to entertain fans while their countries fight the coronavirus.

These two artistes would be going at each other for $200,000.

Artiste manager, Ubi Franklin, who initiated the Sarkodie and M.I rap battle, told viewers in an Instagram live that the battle is a friendly one with no malice intended.

“We need to be entertained in this period. The good thing is we know you guys are not beefing, we just need to hear you guys go at it just for the entertainment.”

Sarkodie who joined the Made Men Music Group founder said that the money is a great motivation to get them involved in the battle.

M.I who was watching accepted the challenge. However, they are yet to set the date for the battle.

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