Shallipopi Drops Two New Singles: ‘Things on Things’ and ‘Oscroh (Pepperline)’


Nigerian singer-songwriter Shallipopi also known as the “Pluto Presido,” astonished her audience by releasing two singles at once. “Things on Things” and “Oscroh (Pepperline),” two of his most recent songs, are examples of his musical talent and effectively reflect the sound of modern Nigerian music.

“Things on Things” exudes confidence as Shallipopi boldly praises himself with lyrics like “When I fall in, squad dey co-ordinate.” The song’s captivating music video, directed by George Guise, adds a visual dimension to the track, enriching the storytelling.

Following suit, “Oscroh (Pepperline)” celebrates a lavish lifestyle and offers a window into Shallipopi’s beautiful and prosperous world. Shallipopi’s presence in the music business is reaffirmed by these tracks, which also solidify him as a major player.

Listen to both tracks below.

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