Shatta Wale was killing my Shine – Pope Skinny

Shatta wale pope skinny 500x274 - Shatta Wale was killing my Shine - Pope Skinny

Ghanaian rapper Pope Skinny has stated that leaving Shatta Wale’s camp has helped him a lot because the later was gradually killing his shine.

He said it was better he moved away from the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker’s camp because most people were associating his hard work to Shatta Wale.

In an interview on Radio Central, Pope Skinny said leaving the Shatta Movement did not have any effect on him at all.

“It was better I moved away from Shatta Wale because he was killing my shine, most people tagged my hard work with the image of Shatta, in which I was offended most of the time,” he said.

He also revealed that since Shatta Wale kicked him out of his camp, he (Shatta Wale) has been begging him for forgiveness.

“Although he has tried several times to apologize to me, I’m not ready to work with Shata Wale Again”, Pope Skinny noted.


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