Smallgod – I Know ft. Kuami Eugene & BNXN

‘I Know’ is the eleventh track housed under Smallgod’s sophomore album ‘Connecting The Dots’ and it features Ghanaian singer-songwriter and producer Kuami Eugene along with Nigerian singer-songwriter BNXN fka Buju.

Speaking on the creative process behind this song, Smallgod said;

“A lot of the artists sound the same; their voices, transitions or the way they write. But there’s something special about BNXN. His energy, the way everything with him is just happiness. I needed a song over which you can enjoy having a conversation, enjoy hearing in a rooftop bar, in the corridors of a shopping mall, when you’re on the elevator or when you’re driving. So we needed something for a different mood. BNXN recorded his verse first, so he controlled how the song goes. I brought in Kuami Eugene; he’s normally the club banger kind of guy. A lot of artists would be like, ‘No, I’m not comfortable.’ But he said, ‘Yo, let me try’. Kuami is a complete artist.
Listen to ‘I Know’ below.

About Connecting The Dots

A year after the release of his first album Building Bridges in 2021, Ghanaian music entrepreneur–turned–artist Smallgod returns with a follow-up that expands on his stated desire to lay out the latticework of collaborations and kinship that underpins the ever-evolving genre of Afro-pop.

While Building Bridges cast a wide net over the many artists Smallgod has worked with over the course of his fifteen-year career, Connecting the Dots, released in 2022, focuses on emerging artists whose success is dismantling old hierarchies thanks to democratic avenues for recording, releasing, and promoting music.

They require the platform as well. They, too, require encouragement. Smallgod tells Apple Music that the musicians he chose for his sophomore album also require applause. ‘I’m like a ship that they can utilize to reach wherever they want to go.’ We all have the same dream: to bring Africa to the rest of the world.’

The new approach also applies to the album’s up-and-coming producers, all of whom blend autonomy with collaboration: ‘Ninety percent of the time I play a beat for an artist I think they’ll like,’ Smallgod says with the assurance that only love and experience can provide.


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