Smallgod – Tried & Tried ft. NSG and Darkovibes

‘Tried & Tried’ is the third track housed under Smallgod’s sophomore album ‘Connecting The Dots’ and it features British Afro-swing Group NSG and Ghanaian Afropop/Afrobeat artist Darkovibes.


Speaking on the creative process behind this song, Smallgod said;

“I always try to implement our live sound on everything I do. There’s always electric guitar that you hear in our sound from highlife, that no matter who you are, if were born African, when you hear it, you’re reminded of home. Today we call [that] Afro-fusion. NSG is made up of British born Nigerians and Ghanaians. It’s so important for them to come back home, because I won’t say they’re not accepted where they are, but it’s easier when you’re home because you’re actually of the people. By the time I got the whole thing done, Building Bridges was already set to come out. So I said, ‘this song is too powerful to throw away. I know when it’ll be needed’. When I was almost done with ‘Connecting The Dots’, Killbeatz said he would enhance the beat and play some live instruments just to get the sound right. Then we got it right. “
Listen to ‘Tried and Tried’ below.

About Connecting The Dots

A year after the release of his first album Building Bridges in 2021, Ghanaian music entrepreneur–turned–artist Smallgod returns with a follow-up that expands on his stated desire to lay out the latticework of collaborations and kinship that underpins the ever-evolving genre of Afro-pop.

While Building Bridges cast a wide net over the many artists Smallgod has worked with over the course of his fifteen-year career, Connecting the Dots, released in 2022, focuses on emerging artists whose success is dismantling old hierarchies thanks to democratic avenues for recording, releasing, and promoting music.

They require the platform as well. They, too, require encouragement. Smallgod tells Apple Music that the musicians he chose for his sophomore album also require applause. ‘I’m like a ship that they can utilize to reach wherever they want to go.’ We all have the same dream: to bring Africa to the rest of the world.’

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