Solid K drops ‘Music On The Road’ EP

Rebel Gang / Akwaaba singer, Solid K finally churns out his much anticipated ‘Music On The Road’ EP.

This 6-track ‘Music on the Road’ EP is a tale of music, calling, and struggle. “I’ve never really felt like I’m in my natural environment in any field besides music. The urge to make music comes from my internal feeling of purpose. I feel that it’s somethingthat I need to make available to the world.”

Inspired by greats as diverse as Bob Marley, Akon or Alhaji K Frimpong, Solid K began writing melodious rhymes and practiced consistently, performed for friends and family whenever he could, and started recording professionally while still in high school. “I’ve always enjoyed music, but ever since I attempted to make it myself in high school, I’ve been hooked.”

But starting out with music in Ghana is a major challenge, so Solid K continued his studies and graduated from the University of Ghana. To this day, the strong writing skills he honed have allowed him to fuel his passion.

“After graduation I would go from studio to studio to record. It was always a hassle trying to get my hands on my finished work [because of studio costs], but I pushed still, chasing the dream, linking up with bloggers, trying to get my stuff out there the best way I could, but it was always an issue with funding.”

Solid K’s brother recommended he join him in the United Arab Emirates, in the hopes of furthering his education, securing a better paying job, which for Solid K meant having the means to create and push his music. Things didn’t turn out to be so smooth.

“UAE isn’t exactly easy work. It doesn’t give the kind of success that translates to big success in Ghana, and finding a decent and well-paying job there as a West African is wicked. I’ve sent out mad CVs and still haven’t received a call to this day! It’s easy to get physical labor jobs, but even that doesn’t pay any differently than in Ghana.”

Luckily, Solid K’s academic background allowed him to tutor university students. “I helped students write their term and research papers; one satisfied student would refer me to another, so little by little I could
afford my own place and a space to create music.”

Music on the Road is an EP Solid K started working on before traveling to UAE. He solidified the project while there, but his aim was always to come back to Accra to connect with producers, push the music and reach new fans. “My sound reflects the vibrancy of my Ghanaian roots, yet it’s so pure, it can translate anywhere.”

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