Stephanie Benson Successfully Places Her Wardrobe On Auction To Aid Her Breast Cancer Foundation.

IMG 20180828 WA0023 500x333 - Stephanie Benson Successfully Places Her Wardrobe On Auction To Aid Her Breast Cancer Foundation.

As part of the prolific jazz singer Stephanie Benson’s cooperate social responsibility, she is endlessly beaming with smile for a successful auctioning at Luckie’s Place Mangos Restaurant, last Sunday, 25/8/2018. At East Legon. The drive behind the auctioning was to aid her Stephanie Benson Breast Cancer Foundation. To support women living with it.


Once bitten twice shy. Once fallen victim to breast cancer, battled it out to become a survivor as well as women empowerment advocate informed her decision to establish a foundation to educate, create awareness, encourage, motivate, solicit for funds and help them financially to check their status on a regular. And take necessary measures in case the unfortunate is noticed.


Been a geek at what she does, she was able to scheme a plan to grab the attention of everyone at the venue. She walked up to everyone, from table to table to throw more light on her foundation and the objectives behind what she was doing. With an excellent communication skills, friendly and humours nature, she flabbergasted each person. It was also another means of connecting with her fans, interact with them, advice them if necessary and spearhead them to championship a positive course.


Interesting part of the function is was, while most purchased enough items, from jewelries, shoes, etc. Others decided to just support in kind without purchasing anything. Isn’t that laudable? Basically, because the awareness she created sunk into their mind like titanic shit.


The auctioning continues throughout the week at the same venue, Luckie’s Place Mangos Restaurant, East Legon.



Connect with her via:

Facebook: Stephanie Benson

Twitter: Stephanie Benson

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