Tay Iwar – Love & Isolation (Full Album)

Following his 2019 release GEMINI, Tay Iwar continues to lean further into his distinct blend of otherworldly melodies as he refreshes his intriguing blend of Afropop and R&B.

His sophomore solo project, Love & Isolation, is full of vulnerable moments. Over the course of five tracks, he releases a pantheon of loverboy anguish with help from Aṣa, Xenia Manasseh and more. Familiar emotions and situations are probed for their contradictions, flaws and tensions within the push and pull of living under quarantine.

From singing about a heart full of regret in “STONES” to pensive introspection in “THINKING” and deep yearning brought on by an inebriated late-night session in “PEAKING”, Tay Iwar tells poignant stories of love as one who has lived through it and walked away scathed by its intensity.

Listen to ‘Love & Isolation’ below.

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