Tems Cancels All Forthcoming Shows Due To Serious Health Condition

Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer, Tems has spoken out about her health problems, which is preventing her from performing at her upcoming shows in England.

Tems just revealed the cause for the cancellation of her gigs in England to her fans, and it’s not good news. On the 14th of June, the singer revealed that she has been diagnosed with Reflux Laryngitis and is currently taking some time off to see what’s left of her voice in a statement to her Rebel Gang.

Tems further stated that, as a result of the problem, her doctor advised her to cancel her upcoming gigs in Birmingham and London, which are scheduled for June 15th and 17th, respectively.

The artist, who has been on the tour in the United Kingdom and the United States since late last year, stated that tickets for the event are still valid and pledged to return in even greater health.

Reflux laryngitis, as Tems’ illness is known, is an inflammation in the back of the throat caused by acid or other substances rising from the stomach. It appears to be common among singers.

Watch the press statement shared by Tems below.



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