Tems Makes Her Headline Account With “Me & U” After Two-Year Hiatus

Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer Tems makes a return to the music scene with a new solo effort, “Me & U,” officially released on October 5, 2023. After a two-year absence, she comes back as the lead artist with this much awaited song, and fans are over the moon.

With her distinct aesthetic and deep voice, Tems has established a strong following of devoted followers who eagerly anticipate her new work. “Me & U” offers a relaxed and engrossing listening experience while staying faithful to Tems’ distinctive sound. The song was created by the well-known Guilty Beats and is available through RCA Records, a branch of Sony Music Entertainment, the world’s largest music company.

Not only is the music exceptional in this release, but so is Tems’ involvement in the creative process. She assumed the director’s chair for the official music video, exhibiting her range of artistic abilities. This degree of artistic control indicates her dedication to presenting a comprehensive and sincere aesthetic vision.

Kindly appreciate the masterpiece below.

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