The Best Music Streaming Services in 2022

Best Music Streaming Services in 2022, The Best Music Streaming Services in 2022

Best Music Streaming Services in 2022, The Best Music Streaming Services in 2022

Online music streaming has changed the music industry for the good, including how people listen to music as well.

From the artiste point of view, music streaming has helped songs transcend beyond shores and borders. Playlist features from some of these online platforms have helped many artistes to discover their audience to build on their craft.

Music from these great streaming platforms are used by many companies for their music background for example restaurants, bars, receptions in hotels and online kaszinó

From the fan or listener’s perspective, music streaming has guided people to discover new rhythms, genres and talents. The platforms have helped shaped some listeners to develop and harvest the right frame of thinking ability. There are some music streaming platforms which are all vying for attention from music enthusiasts. However, not all streaming platforms are easily accessible and come with the highest audio quality.

You can start streaming after signing up – whiles others will require users to pay for premium packages. Mostly, the free trial option comes with loads of ads or limited number of streams. If you don’t want ads, then you must pay. Some offer offline downloads, can help users access variety of music genres, new discoveries and helped them create personalized playlist to suit their taste.

In this guide, we are going to show you the best music streaming services you can sign up to in 2022.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the best streaming service available in 2022. They have over 75 million songs in its massive library, which are mostly accompanied by music videos and exclusives playlist.

The service has aided listeners to discover many artistes due to their well-designed and curated playlist. Users can also add your personal music through its App, Itunes. Apple Music boasts of lossless and spatial audio, which bring listeners close to their artiste.


Launched in 2008, Spotify is arguably the world’s most popular streaming service. It boasts of over 70 million tracks and 2.2 million podcasts, with over 365 million users globally.

Spotify has fantastic personalized playlists for users and a huge library of music. They have an easy-to-use interface which puts them ahead of their rivals. Spotify has free plan as well as premium plans for its users. Though very popular, Spotify lacks high-quality audios which its competitors – like Tidal and Amazon Music HD provide. It’s also not the best when it comes to paying artistes.


Tidal is the best in terms of audio clarity and quality. The platform was launched in 2014, but gained prominence after it was relaunched by Jay-Z in March 2015.

They are the best platform for musicians because they pay higher than many services per stream. They also provide users with superb CD-quality sound, especially for their HiFi. However, their HiFi is very expensive. Their playlists are also not as perfect as their competitors like, Spotify, Apple Music and others.

Other mentions


Deezer streaming service has a massive music library with more than 73 million songs.

Their audio quality depends on the subscription a users signs unto. Deezer’s free subscription offers song files at 128kbps, whereas the premium plans give songs out at 320kbps.

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