The Finest Waakye Joints In Accra

Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans. It is cooked using many of the methods without additional spices and herbs. The rice is cooked with an indigenous leaf and black eyed peas or kidney beans. It is commonly prepared in the home but it is also sold by roadside vendors and local cuisine restaurants.

When you find people queuing in front of a food stall, early in the morning in Accra, then it is most likely to be for waakye. This tasty meal, which is a rice and beans pot dish, is the breakfast of choice for most Ghanaians. . For great waakye, here’s our guide to the best places to go.


Aunti Muni Waakye

Auntie Muni Waakye popularised the sale of waakye in Accra but also made it a staple breakfast and lunch meal. It is well-known among the denizens of Accra. This place is located in Labone and has provided one of the most consistent waakye recipes in Accra for many years. At Aunti Muni Waakye, you are guaranteed to get quick and responsive service no matter the number of other customers around. The food is also reasonably priced depending on the side dishes you buy to accompany your meal. Aunti Muni Waakye is definitely the place to start if you wish to explore this favourite Ghanaian dish.

Two Sisters Waakye

Two Sisters Waakye is another reliable place to experience authentic waakye. The main branch is located in Pig Farm. However, due to the high demand, they have other branches around the city. At Two Sisters Waakye, you get to experience waakye and other foods from northern Ghana like tuo zaafitubani and jollof rice from women who have been preparing it for many years. They attract a lot of attention with customers queuing from about 8AM until late in the afternoon. Two Sisters Waakye is worth visiting as it is one of the few places where you can buy great waakye without spending too much.

Osu Shell Waakye

If the number of people lining up anxiously in front of the venue throughout the day judges great waakye, then Osu Shell Waakye is the place to be. This street food stall is situated in Osu, Accra’s main cultural hotspot. This makes it a prime location for eager waakye costumers. Service is quite fast here, compared to other places, and they also have many different sides to accompany the waakye. The Osu Shell Waakye is dangerously addictive, however watch out for their shitor (hot pepper sauce) which tends to be very scorching.

Buka Restaurant

Although some of the best waakye on Accra can be found at street stalls, at The Buka Restaurant, an African restaurant, you get some great waakye without the hassle of long queues. The ambience at the Buka Restaurant is quiet mellow and the place is well decorated with African masks, sculptures and other wooden accents. It is located in Osu and a great place to grab lunch or have a short meeting. You can also try out many local Ghanaian dishes and other food such as atiekered red and jollof rice.

The Chop Bar

The Chop Bar is a great restaurant were you can be sure to have some of the best local dishes like fufu and goat light soup, banku and tilapia and of course, waakye. The Chop Bar keeps things very authentic and presents waakye with the same garnishing and taste that you would expect from a street stall – without the stress. Their décor is also simple and minimalist, with little accents reinforcing the Ghanaian experience. The Chop Bar is located at the Achimota Retail Centre.

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