These Are The Best Bars In Accra

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With dozens of bars vying for tipplers’ attention in the Ghanaian capital, it can be difficult knowing where to start when you embark on a night out. Whether you end up at a cocktail bar on the main drag or a side-street dive, there’s great boozy fun to be had here, and that’s why we’ve whittled the hundreds of brilliant bars in Accra down to just six. From a throbbing music bar with live highlife to mixology magic in industrial-chic surrounds, these spots offer some of the best good times imaginable.

Republic Bar & Grill

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This is a tiny but ever-throbbing space that tumbles out on to the street when things really kick off late on a Friday or Saturday.

Album covers and black-and-white photos of music stars adorn the walls as Ghana’s best music blasts out (often jaw-dropping highlife music acts live on the terrace – highlife legend Ebo Taylor has even played here). The cocktails use high-quality ingredients not found anywhere else: the Republica is a caipirinha made from traditional palm wine. On a sunny day, try one of their ‘Wild Beers’: the Beer Sap has tangy bissap concentrate added to it.

Firefly Lounge Bar

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Firefly is a confident nightspot – the industrial chic of its whitewashed brickwork, dim lighting and edgy beats attracts a preened international clientele. A backlit bar glows with premium blends, with cocktail aficionados, spirit lovers and wine drinkers alike pull up stools to confer with chatty staff who sport braces and the odd jauntily angled hat.

Honeysuckle Pub and Restaurant

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Designed like a regular local boozer, the Honeysuckle in Osu is a cosy spot for homesick Brits who want a dose of Premiership football and some recognisable food. It’s decked out in kitsch red velvet chairs and striped wallpaper with framed pictures of old British pubs and football teams next to scarves and the inevitable ‘dogs playing snooker’ prints. The central bar serves a good selection of international spirits, plus local brews on draft. There’s also a decent lunch menu; the honey chicken wings are always popular.

Shisha Lounge

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Hidden in the back roads of Osu, near Koala, is the always buzzing Shisha Lounge. Consisting of an elegant outdoor eating area, an indoor bar (almost always with a DJ spinning some discs) and a delightfully rustic ‘tree house’, it has carved a niche for itself on the Ghanaian nightlife scene. Munch on brick-oven pizza and smoke a shisha on the second floor of the tree house. There’s no better way to end a long week and begin an even longer weekend.

Sai Wine & Champagne Café

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Sai Wine & Champagne Café was a wonderful addition to Accra’s bar scene. As you might have guessed, there’s nothing but wine and champagne on the menu here, while punters are offered complimentary foods such as cheese and cold meat platters, oysters, clams, pâté, salmon and lumpfish roe. A great place for group meet-ups, dates or just a quiet drink.

Champs Sports Bar & Grill

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Champs has long been one of Accra’s best sports bars – largely thanks to the fact that it has the right formula spot-on. After a brief flirt with being called The Lexington, the bar has got its old name back and now offers an international menu featuring things like chicken wings and fish and chips, wide coverage of all major sporting events on eight large screens, and a wide selection of regular events including live music, quizzes, karaoke and film nights.

Kona Cafe & Grill

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Sip on palm wine from a calabash and snack on grilled treats in this relaxing spot on Oxford Street, complete with an airy roof terrace. Listen to the latest hits, watch live sets, or catch one of the new music launches that occasionally take place here.

Rockstone’s Office (Django Bar / AftaWerk)

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Owned and run by the godfather of Ghanaian hiplife, Reggie Rockstone, this sleek spot has a circular bar and outdoor cabana areas, offers delicious drinks and, of course, a fantastic music selection that will keep you grooving all night.

Coco Lounge

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From the leather bar seating to the tilework in the private dining room, the attention to detail in Coco Lounge is quite amazing. Local artist Nana Anoff has installed pieces alongside thoroughly modern and brave design touches, as you’d expect coming from the same stable as design store La Maison next door, which also curated the restaurant’s interior.

The pizza oven is dressed up as an old Italian truck and a sight to behold. Incredible space for sure, so what about the food? The tight menu of mains includes sandwiches, burgers and fish and chips. Plus there’s a wide range of salad dishes, rice bowls and that wood-fired pizza. Oh, and don’t forget the home-made ice cream and cakes.

The focus on detail continues through to the food – renowned New York chef Andrew DiCataldo has designed the menu as well as that of the flagship Urban Grill. Our burger was on a brioche (thank heavens), and the quinoa salad was loaded with dried fruit and nuts – an inviting sight. The dickie-bowed wait staff were attentive and kind. The cocktail list is also impressive. Meko Martini anyone? It’s Ketel One Vodka with Ghanaian chili. Pow!

Bloom Bar

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A unique bar experience in the heart of Accra in Osu. Bloom Bar has unique cocktails, a variety of champagne drinks, and much more. It’s perfect ambience makes it an ideal place to start off your weekend with and connect with some new amazing people.

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