TikTok Sensation Qing Madi Drops Self-Titled Debut EP

At the tender age of 16, Nigerian sensation Qing Madi made a striking entrance into the music scene with her debut single, “See Finish.” The wistful R&B track, which explored the quest for meaning in betrayal, swiftly became a viral hit on TikTok, setting the stage for a promising career.

Qing Madi, who is currently 17 years old, has just released her self-titled first EP. This collection establishes her as a rising star for 2023 while also establishing her stature.

The EP opens with the mellow, Afropop vibes of “Madi’s Medley,” where the young artist confidently declares, “So I’m finally finally finally at the point that nobody can lower.” This bold proclamation sets the tone for the entire project, where Qing Madi combines world-class production with sophisticated songwriting, creating an unshakeable musical experience.

Building on the success of “See Finish,” the EP features subsequent releases, including “Why” and “Ole,” all of which have contributed to Qing Madi’s steady rise to fame. The artist maintains her proven formula of blithe midtempo beats and raw lyricism delivered in clear, sweet tones. However, what sets the EP apart is the artist’s willingness to open up about various themes, from yearning for someone already in a relationship to the disorienting feeling of unexpectedly falling in love.

A standout cut from the EP is “Chargie,” an irresistibly smooth groove adorned with a slick horn riff that embeds itself in the listener’s mind long after the music stop.

Listen below.

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