Top 5 Ghanaian TV Series You Need to Watch during Your Quarantine

Ghanaian TV Series, Top 5 Ghanaian TV Series You Need to Watch during Your Quarantine

Social distance and self-quarantine has become the routine in many countries who have been affected by the fast-spreading Coronavirus pandemic. This measures put in place is to prevent further and fast spread of the virus and here is how you can enjoy it without facing emotional challenges.

We compiled Top Five Ghanaian TV shows which are lively and reflects real life Ghanaian situations, and are very entertaining to the local and international audience. These movies will help you enjoy your quarantine, So Stay at Home and just keep watching.


Yolo is one of the  most popular TV Series during the decade. It highlights what young people go through everyday, learning about their reproductive health  and directs the youth concerning the challenges they face in their sexuality. It is also the spin-off of the popular ‘Things We Do for Love’ show.

2. Kejetia vs Makola

Kejetia vs Makola is another hilarious court series which has gained massive audience. This is due to its witty court settings, where two lawyers and a judge try to outdo themselves during court sessions debating about Life related issues.

3. ForkBoyz

Forkboyz is also one of the most underrated web and Tv series that highlights the lifestyle of the youths. The movie contains several mature scenes which captures the ideal behavior of young adults and the consequences of intimate lifestyle.

Forkboyz is flooded entirely with comedy and intimacy among peers. A group of young men who live in the same house experience life together.

4. Master and 3 Maids

Master and 3 Maids is also a web series which follows the lives of Three Maids who want to make good money, find themselves working for a stingy Master who always finds reasons to fire his workers.

The Maids then come together and elaborate all sorts of strategies to outsmart their Master and not lose their jobs, so, they can actually earn that salary that they desperately need.

5. What’s Up

What’s Up is another web series which highlights the lives of six young adults and how they met each other through social media.

The series highlight the youth’s acceptance of social media and how relationships are built through online acquaintances. It throws light also on how useful social media can be used for good and not just fun and entertainment.

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