Tripcy’s Empowering Afropop Record ‘Unbelievable’ Chronicles Triumph Over Adversity

Unbelievable,” the latest sensation by Ghanaian “Freeway” hitmaker, Tripcy, unveils a riveting tale of resilience and victory in the face of adversity. Originating from a heart-stopping incident in Namibia, where the artist and his entourage narrowly evaded a robbery, this track encapsulates the unyielding human spirit and the steadfast belief in God’s love and protection. 

Laced with contemporary African rhythms and empowering verses. Tripcy starts his 1st verse by comparing himself to international acclaimed luminary, Nelson Mandela, who survived many tribulations to come out celebrated by the world. 

The chorus reverberates with an unwavering faith in the artist’s abilities, mirroring the resolute spirit of God. lyrics such as “The way my blessings coming…unbelievable” convey profound gratitude for newfound abundance, underscoring the artist’s unwavering self assurance. 

This track transcends music, standing as a confession of hope and faith in the face of adversity. Its compelling narrative and infectious rhythm make it a crucial addition to your daily playlist. 

Tripcy found success when his single “Freeway” got a co-sign from Nigerian Afro-pop star, Davido, resulting in a remix featuring the latter. Tripcy has gone on to perform on stages such as Afrofuture (Afrochella) festival, and has toured with Stonebwoy across USA. He is amongst the next generation of Afropop artistes to look out for in West-Africa. 

Stream “Unbelievable” HERE 

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