Uncle Waffles Delivers Comfort and Healing with Seven-Track EP ‘Solace’

With an unyielding dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and a fervent passion for crafting sonic stories, Uncle Waffles takes a bold step forward with her latest musical endeavor – a fresh and captivating EP titled ‘Solace.’

Building upon the remarkable success of her previous EP, ‘ASYLUM,’ which introduced the chart-topping hit “Yahyuppiyah,” the multi-talented artist, known for her prowess as both a DJ and singer-songwriter, sets out on another enthralling musical journey. ‘Solace’ exemplifies Uncle Waffles’ unwavering commitment to evolving her artistry and crafting intricate sonic narratives that resonate deeply with listeners.

One defining feature of Uncle Waffles’ creative approach is her penchant for collaboration, seamlessly weaving together a diverse array of voices to enrich her musical tapestry. ‘Solace’ continues this tradition, boasting an impressive lineup of guest artists that reads like a who’s who of contemporary musical talent. Collaborators include Manana, Lusanda, Jandas, Vuyo Ndevu, Sbuda Maleather, Murumba Pitch, and more. These collaborations transcend mere features, evolving into dynamic partnerships that elevate each track to new heights of musical expression.

As ‘Solace’ finds its place within Uncle Waffles’ expanding discography, it signifies a notable milestone – the second entry in her musical collection. This achievement not only underscores her unwavering dedication but also serves as a testament to her enduring pursuit of innovation and artistic growth. Each EP serves as a chapter in her ever-evolving musical journey, contributing to the mosaic of her evolving artistry and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Listen below.

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