UnitedMasters Joins Forces with Acclaimed Producer Sarz in Exciting Partnership

UnitedMasters, an American music distribution company, has announced an exclusive collaboration with talented Nigerian producer Sarz.

In an exclusive statement to renowned media outlet Billboard, American music distributor UnitedMasters confirmed their collaboration with talented Nigerian producer Osabuhoien Osaretin, better known by his stage name Sarz, and his 1789 imprint. The goal is to give a new generation of artists the tools they need to promote their music internationally.

The rationale for this collaboration with Sarz was disclosed to Billboard by David Melhado, vice president of music at UnitedMasters. He disclosed:

Sarz, for the last five years, has been developing some of the biggest producers on the continent that have gone on to produce for the Wizkid’s, the Burna’s, the Tems’, the Lojay’s, etc. We wanted to be able to say, ‘How do we add value to you guys and help give you resources so that way you can ultimately develop the talent on the ground?’ You can see why he’s able to spot talent when you hang out with him. His energy is infectious. He’s just doing what he wishes he had. There’s something so powerful in that where he’s like, ‘I’m paying it forward to these producers.’ He’s really creating a movement.

Sarz also discussed his views on the collaboration and the benefits he anticipates it would have for the 1789 artists. He revealed:

“more opportunities to the continent, bring more opportunities to Afrobeats artists and producers globally. I hope to be the bridge between an emerging artist and everything they desire globally.

He added that anyone associated with the brand will also have:

everything that you would get from a major label, from marketing to digital marketing to playlist pitching and, when the time is right, we can scale up and do radio campaigns,” says Melhado. He adds that the partnership will also provide artists and producers “transparency around the money they make” through UnitedMasters’ mobile app, where “they’ll be able to see their streams in real time,” as well as “brand partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands [NBA, ESPN, WhatsApp], and they all have ambitions to be a part of the global music conversation.

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