Vacs – Wonkyen

Following two visual releases for already released singles, Ghanaian music producer and vocalist Vacs releases his debut audio single in 2022 titled ‘Wonkyen.’

In this song ‘Wonkyen’, Vacs is trying to convey the feeling of being in love. The song has a catchy guitar synth and cloying words which make it an amazing production.

The song starts with a chord progression that is very typical for love songs. The chord progression is used to create a sense of longing and desire. It also creates an emotional connection between the listener and the artist.

The song’s lyrics speak to how he feels when they are together and how much he misses her when they are apart. The song’s lyrics also express his desire to remain with her forever, which is what everyone in love desires.

The song ends with a fade out which implies that it will never end, just like their love for each other will never end either.

The production of the song was done by Blakk Beatx.

Listen and download ‘Wonkyen’ by Vacs below.

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