Victor AD – Red Eye EP (Full Album)

red eye 1 500x500 - Victor AD - Red Eye EP (Full Album)

DOWNLOAD “Red Eye” Here

‘Red Eye‘ the EP is a true story, it tells the truth about the scars Victor AD has sustained and the struggles he has been through.

“I might appear ugly on the outside but trust me i am very pretty within“,

‘Red Eye‘ the EP tells a story of Victor AD, an imperfect young man who has made mistakes severally, an aspiring lad trying to make a good name for himself just like everyone else. The irony of the whole matter is that we have all made more mistakes while trying to correct the existing ones.

Red eye tracklist 500x500 - Victor AD - Red Eye EP (Full Album)

Victor AD is someone who grace has brought far but still has had to grind his whole life for the good days to come, he wants the world to learn from his story.

Red Eye‘ the EP is dedicated and made for all the ghetto kids out there , he says “let all the scars and the struggles you’ve been through motivate you“. Have no fear #REDEYEtheEP!

DOWNLOAD “Red Eye” Here

Check out the beautiful body of work and share your thoughts below.

DOWNLOAD “Red Eye” Here

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