Watch Amaarae’s David Nicol-Sey Directed Official Video For ‘Fancy’

fancy 12 334x500 - Watch Amaarae's David Nicol-Sey Directed Official Video For 'Fancy'

Ghanaian erotic singer , producer and songwriter – Amaarae is currently gearing up to release her debut LP, The Angel You Don’t Know, which promises to broaden the journey of self-discovery that she reckons would be a good soundtrack for 1999 psych ward movie Girl, Interrupted.

The record’s lead single is the empowering “FANCY” which is accompanied by a powerful visual effect.“It’s about being a bad bitch,” Amaarae says. “It’s about feeling good about yourself and about your life.”

Dressed in a shell-covered gimp suit, the official music video for ‘Fancy’  has some iconic and fancy moments in music by some of the world’s sickest artists” suit look inspired by Missy Elliott’s all-black fit in her 2009 “She’s A Bitch” video.

Amaarae hangs out the window of her car, surrounded by her girls, Amaarae looks every bit as confident as she sounds. Cut scene and we find ourselves in a chatroom, a reference to J.Lo’s 1999 cyber-centric “If You Had My Love” video. “We didn’t wanna straight rip it,” she says of the choice, “so we put a different spin on it — it’s bright and colorful and reminiscent of, like, AIM and MSN messenger.” And who doesn’t love a spot of early internet nostalgia?

Watch the official video for ‘Fancy’ below.

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