Watch Sofie And Sister Deborah’s Fun-filled & Colorful Video for ‘We Dey’

What is an Afrobeat music video without a party, lots of excitement and colors? The opening scene of Sofie’s ‘We Dey’ sets the tone for the excitement that runs throughout the entire 2 minutes 35 seconds of the video. Stream or download ‘We Dey’ across all major digital platforms here:


Sofie and her friends are jamming in a space with others skating in circles signifying the jam and the fun that the song brings. The scenery is perfect for any form of excitement, the colored umbrellas hanging in the air, the black and white floor setup, people playing games and simply enjoying themselves is the exact message the song and the video intends to send.

The Onasis Gaisie directed video blends all the brightest colors you can imagine and none of them are conflicting with each other. They pop out nicely and create the atmosphere for what a typical party song will make you feel. Sister Deborah’s scene comes in after 1 minutes 6 seconds of non-stop party and jamming and she continues the excitement with her rap/ragga verse that tones down the vibe of the song for a few seconds but goes back to its original vibe after some time.

Throughout the entire video, everyone is seen partying, having fun, playing games or simply enjoying the sound. The video was created perfectly to align with Sofie’s sound and the vibes in the music. 

There can never be an Afrobeat song without a party, lots of excitement and multicolored.

Watch ‘We Dey’ by Sofie featuring Sister Deborah.

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