Wendy Shay meets with the FDA Board over Ban issues.

Wendy shay fda 500x375 - Wendy Shay meets with the FDA Board over Ban issues.

Afrobeat songstress, Wendy Shay and her label RuffTown Records headed by Bullet paid a visit to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to have a private discussion.

The full details of the discussion has not been made known yet but we assume it is due to the Ban on Ghanaian Celebrities advertising or doing commercials for alcoholic brands.

After a successful meeting, Wendy Shay tweeted and fumed about the fact that Nigerian Celebrities have been allowed to advertise and make commercials for alcoholic brands in their country but in Ghana its otherwise.

“Now Gh companies are paying Naija celebs big money for endorsement I told Gh celebs to wake up but nobody minds me. If Gh no go wake up I wake up with FDA ..Great meeting, very educative..something big is coming to Ghana wake up !!!!” she tweeted.

Wendy Shay was stopped from advertising for an alcoholic brand by the FDA because they believed such advertisement do have negative impact on the youth.

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