Wendy Shay to Unveil Official Music Video For “Habibi” From The Album ‘Enigma’

Wendy Shay is getting ready to wow her fans by releasing the official music video for one of her favorite songs off her studio album, ‘Enigma.’ The single, titled “Habibi,” is the second track on the seven-track album, and fans can expect to see it on July 20, 2023.

Wendy Shay has teased her followers with video snippets, revealing tantalizing peeks of scenes shot in the magnificent city of Dubai. The aesthetically breathtaking visuals foreshadow a deep and compelling visual experience to accompany the charming sound of “Habibi.”

Wendy Shay’s decision to shoot parts of the video in Dubai adds an extra layer of grandeur and allure to the project. The stunning backdrop of the cityscape and cultural landmarks promises to transport viewers on a visual journey that enhances the essence of “Habibi.”

Watch the teaser below.

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