What African Team will Impress at the 2022 World Cup? Bet Now and Win

There’s no other football competition to match the feeling that the World Cup bring to punters all across the globe. Not even the almighty Champions League can compare to it and the entire world just stops to enjoy the top quality football displayed by teams all over the globe. The 2018 World Cup in Russia brought us a lot of amazing performances from African teams so will they be able to keep it up? Or even more than that, can an African football team grab the trophy? Let’s take a look at the usual suspects and see how they rank for such a challenge.


Despite being hosts of the 2019 AFCON, Egypt got eliminated quite early by South Africa. However, they displayed impressive football and lead by Liverpool’s Mo Salah, they will definitely impress at the World Cup in 2022. If you think Egypt has strong chances at winning the tournament, make sure to take full advantage of the 101 odd offered by 1xBet and you could be set for a life-changing win!


A familiar face for most of the recent World Cups, Senegal is definitely a team to take into consideration when it comes to African teams making it out of the group stages and even further. The second place took at the Africa Cup of Nations is another confirmation that they’re thirsty for trophies and they’ll give 110% on the pitch to get them. If you’re a strong believer that Senegal has what it takes to lift the 2022 World Cup trophy above their heads, use the 201 odd offered by 1xBet and get rich if it turns out to be a winning bet!


Taking the bronze medal at the AFCON and with strong performances in previous international competitions they’ve participated in, Nigeria is also a strong contender. Sure, they have some work to put in perfecting their football but let’s not forget they got the same amount of points as Germany or Poland. 1xBet addresses to all Nigerians and fans of the national football team of Nigeria with a huge 200 odd for Nigeria to win the next World Cup. You could win unbelievable prizes if you take this bet early on.


Football nowadays has become very unpredictable. There’s no such thing as strong and weak teams anymore. No matter how many trophies or successful games a team has, they can always be beaten by the underdog. And you can hardly find a more hardworking team than the national football team of Ghana. Help support your team and put yourself in the position of getting mind-blowing rewards by betting at 1xBet with a 251 odd for Ghana to be the next World Champion.


With many footballers playing in top championship in Europe and across the globe, the team of Cameroon is one to keep an eye on for the 2022 World Cup. Not only that they will want to prove to the world that past performances were not just a lucky break, but they also have the right type of mentality and physical abilities to do so. You can bet on a 201 odd that Cameroon will win the 2022 World Cup and even the smallest bet with this huge odd can bring you an incredible prize if Cameroon pulls through!


Morocco plays some high-quality football and they show that with every occasion they get. At the last world-cup they managed to show off great performances against Portugal and Spain and all their fans are eager to see the team at work for another World Cup. If you too are convinced they are able to drop a huge surprise and even go as far as win the title, 1xBet prepared an odd of 201 that can possibly make you a rich man!

Côte d’Ivoire

Another amazing African team that, despite having to say goodbye to their leader, is constant in displaying top-quality football, Côte d’Ivoire is our last suggestion as the team that would baffle the entire world and grab the trophy. After being present for no less than 3 consecutive editions between starting 2006 and all the way to 2014, Côte d’Ivoire can make their comeback and shock everyone. You have a chance of unbelievable wins with the 151 odd that 1xBet prepared for the event of Côte d’Ivoire winning the 2022 World Cup.

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