What Is A Publishing Deal. Types of Publishing Deals Artistes Should Know

Publishing Deal, What Is A Publishing Deal. Types of Publishing Deals Artistes Should Know

Most artists are aware of the importance of signing contracts, yet record deals are their only concern. In this article, we will be providing vital information on the sorts and requirements of publishing deals, which is one of the other deals.

First of all, Music publishing is simply the revenue generated through the composition of the song(lyrics, melodies chords, etc) to the songwriters and composers, etc.

A Publishing deal is a deal where a percentage of your publishing rights is signed off to a publishing company, and in return, they help you collect your royalties and pay you your due percentage. This means you pay them to help collect, your publishing royalties.

There are different types of publishing deals.

 1. ADMIN publishing deal: This is a PARTNERSHIP deal where you(songwriter or composer) retain 100% of your publishing rights, then pay an Administrative fee to the publishing administrator (publishing company) for their service. They administer your compositions by licensing, registering, and collecting royalties on behalf of your work while ensuring you get paid. They might take a cut depending on your deal.

2. Co-Publishing deal: This is a publishing deal where 50% of the Publishing Right of the songwriter or composer is signed of to the Publishing company. So both parties own 50-50, An advance is paid to the songwriter/composer as compensation of the rights, then the publishing company sets to find ways to make money off those publishing rights. This means they search for opportunities where your compositions can be used, register for it, make money off of it, then give you your share by collecting your royalties. They also retain an interest in your career as a whole, because your decisions determine how much they make as well.

3. A sub-publishing deal: Let’s say you have a publisher that collects royalties in some specific regions but doesn’t collect in some other foreign regions. A sub-publishing deal is a deal you sign with a specific publishing company to collect your royalties in those regions. You’d share a percentage of the royalties gathered from there with the publishing company.

Note: Whenever you’re offered an advance on a publishing deal, The publishing company will first make back that advance completely, before they start to pay you your due royalty percentage. So a large paycheck could mean you aren’t getting money from your publishing for a while
Also when you sign a co-Publishing deal, they should also provide you with resources to add value to your career. So you should consider if they can offer that value before signing and if they can generate income from your publishing rights well.
A random example is if you’re signed with SONY ATV which is under SONY MUSIC(just an example). Let’s say SONY has a movie coming up, they can add you to one of the songwriters writing for the soundtrack of the movie because you’re signed to them. That’s value.
Written by @KontentSensei.
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