Wholly Cherman Pours His Emotion About His Disappointment In New Song

Ghanaian hip-hop/Highlife artist and songwriter Seth Konadu Mensa, popularly known as Wholly Cherman, has poured his heart out in a deeply emotional song that reflects his personal experience of disappointment in love.

Cherman, who hails from Ejisu in the Ashanti region, recently experienced heartbreak through a popular loyalty test by Ghanaian YouTuber Sharkboy.

The loyalty test involves calling one’s partner on a phone with an unknown number to confirm whether they are really dating them. It was unfortunate that the friendly prank led to an unexpected result.

The incident quickly went viral on social media, with many voicing their opinions and sharing their experiences of heartbreak.

However, the hiplife artist decided to express his disappointment in a song titled “Dangerous,” which he released on June 16, 2023. 

Each line carries the weight of his emotions, effectively conveying the betrayal he felt from someone he deeply cared for. 

“Me ne mankwa Adobea back then in the days, ewo street top, w’agya meh) like a no line boy ne baby girl, My heart aches, gone at the days, ma tor odo mu nti y3 kaa mintie, maame (sorry) kos3 eh . May3 mistake”. He said in his song.

Listen below.

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