Wurld – Location ft. Sarz

In recent years, the collaboration of Wurld and Sarz has resulted in some incredible bops. It’s just a collaboration to keep an eye out for whenever it appears. The duo has collaborated on a new song titled ‘Location,’ and it strikes the mark as always.

The song “Location” is about a lover who is trying to track down their partner. The lyrics are full of longing and desperation, as the singer tries to find their way back to the person they love. The song’s production is lush and atmospheric, creating a sense of urgency and excitement.

The song’s theme is one that is familiar to many people. We all have someone in our lives who we care about deeply, and we would do anything to be with them. The song captures that feeling of longing and desperation perfectly.

The song also explores the theme of love as a journey. The singer is on a quest to find their partner, and they are willing to travel anywhere to be with them. This journey is not easy, but the singer is determined to succeed.

The song “Location” is a powerful and moving track that explores the theme of love in a unique and original way. The song’s catchy hook and soulful vocals will stay with you long after you hear it.

Listen and download ‘Location’ by Wurld featuring Sarz below.

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