Y’akoto – Secret ft. Jay Bahd

“Secret” is a sultry neo-soul track by German-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Y’akoto. The song features a guest verse from Ghanaian Asakaa rapper Jay Bahd, who adds a touch of his signature energy to the track.

The song is about a secret relationship that the singer is in. She is torn between her desire to be with the person she loves and her fear of being caught. The lyrics are both vulnerable and empowering, as the singer sings about her strength and determination to fight for what she wants.

The song’s production is smooth and atmospheric, with a combination of live instrumentation and electronic elements. The vocals are soulful and expressive, and Jay Bahd’s verse adds a touch of excitement and energy.

“Secret” is a catchy and relatable song that is sure to appeal to fans of neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop. It is a powerful and moving track about love, loss, and the power of secrets.

Listen and download ‘Secret’ by Y’akoto featuring Jay Bahd below.

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