Your 1xGames guide to fun and profits

Since 2007, 1xBet has been shaking up, revitalizing and innovating the online betting industry. While 1xBet is best known as the world’s leading sportsbook, offering the widest range of events at the best odds, it’s time to look at a different aspect of theirs – 1xGames.

Great games bring joy and fun. Of course, these emotions are heightened when the games also bring profit! 1xGames are a huge portfolio of incredible games filled to the brim with thrills, surprises and of course, the chance for huge wins.

Right off the bat what grabs attention is the extra cashback games that greet you on the 1xGames homepage. Offering 3-5% cashback, this is a fantastic assortment of games with superb variety. If that doesn’t pique your interest and you want to search for some other type of game, no problem. There’s a search button where you can type in the specific name of the game you’re looking for and underneath that are suggested categories. These are numerous and include such options as popular, new, card games, sports, classic and much more.

Before getting started, try collecting a Lucky Wheel bonus spin would be waiting on arrival. A nice boost before even beginning! Another special offer available is the “Daily Quest” which will bring you a reward simply for performing a few simple tasks. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a “Daily Tournament”.Here, you’ll get allocated points for playing selected games and the players with the most points at the end of the day will scoop up awesome prizes.

Different possibilities will grab different player’s attention. Players naturally gravitate towards games that they have the best winning chance with. If you’ve got blackjack skills, “21” is a game that you’ll love, offering all the comforts of the casino favourite with a few surprises. For mystery buffs, “Sherlock’s Secret” is a superb option to keep the grey cells active and use your wits to boost your betting bank.

Another intriguing prospect is “Apple of Fortune”, which is an interesting take on the story of Snow White. Greeted by a large grid with each row containing apples, you’ll need to guess where the apples are…and then hope that they’re not poisoned! Be prepared – this game may revolve around a kids’ fairy tale, but it ratchets up the tension to extremely exciting levels.

After playing around a while, you’ll find the game that best suits you and hopefully start showing a decent profit. That’s after all the key to success – enjoying what you do and becoming good at it.

The bottom line is that 1xGames is the best place to strive for profit while playing great games. Whether you’re a newbie to games or have a long history on your game console, you’ll find a great game that suits your style of play. The best part is that once you do, you’ll have a superb chance of raking in some decent profits. So, don’t miss out – register today at 1xGames for an exciting opportunity to make money while having fun!

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