Ypee incites new rap feud: slams Oseikrom Sikani in new song

Ypee and Oseikrom Sikani, once seen as a formidable duo in the Ghanaian music scene, have recently become embroiled in a bitter rivalry. The exact cause of their falling out remains unknown, but it has led to a significant rift between them.

In a powerful verse featured on Phrimpong’s drill-themed track titled “Chairman,” Ypee has boldly declared himself as the “Real Oseikrom Sikani”. This direct reference to his former partner, Oseikrom Sikani, serves as a deliberate jab and would definitely bruise his ego.

Their relationship had previously been the envy of many in the Ghanaian music industry, as they played a vital role in shaping the country’s drill movement. Collaborative hits like “Didi Me Botom” and Itz Lifics “Yagye Sika” showcased their impactful contributions to the genre.

However, the situation between Ypee and Oseikrom Sikani has now reached a point of no return, with both artists seemingly standing at odds with each other. The reasons behind their animosity remain unclear, but Ypee’s verse on “Chairman” has certainly intensified the rivalry between them.

Listen to the song “Chairman” below:

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